The LCT overall soft decoration cloud intelligent sharing platform is a professional space creation Internet platform integrating decoration design software services and the Internet overall soft decoration mall. From the perspective of professional design and realizability, we provide users with a full range of services.

The LCT overall soft-installed cloud sharing platform belongs to LCTUS, LLC. With 3D cloud intelligent design software supplemented by the global overall decoration and decoration product supply chain, (including: furniture, lamps, jewelry hanging pictures, home textiles, carpets, green plants...) to provide users with time-saving, labor-saving, A one-stop solution that saves worry and money. Professionally provide space environment design, overall soft decoration plan, soft decoration plan matching execution and landing output, overall soft decoration Internet mall retail, design training, commercial space design, etc., and provide real estate groups, hotels, villas, high-end residences, private clubs, Space accessories solutions such as model houses and overall engineering services.